Welcome Our mission is to provide ground-based geomagnetic observations and data products of the highest quality.

the BCMT operates the French National Magnetic Observatory, located in Chambon-la-ForĂȘt (Loiret, France), a network of 18 overseas observatories and a network of 11 repeat stations in metropolitan France.
You will find on this site all the data collected (raw magnetic measurements as well as various data products derived from these measurements).

DOI for definitive data It is now possible to refer to BCMT definitive data using a Digital Object Identifier: doi:10.18715/BCMT.MAG.DEF. It provides a persistent way to access and cite BCMT dataset of magnetic definitive data.

Addis Ababa Light Rail A 17-kilometre line running from the city centre to industrial areas in the south of the city opened on 20 September 2015. Large distubances are now present on recordings from AAE, Addis Ababa observatory (Ethiopia).