Statutorily, the BCMT Director is the IPGP Director, Marc Chaussidon (since March 2016).

The main executive body of the BCMT is its Management Committee, which meets about once a year and is composed of five members (or their representatives):

  • Marc Chaussidon, Director of IPGP,
  • Vincent Lesur, Director of IPGP Magnetic Observatories,
  • Frédéric Masson, Director of EOST,
  • Aude Chambodut, Director of EOST Magnetic Observatories, Director of ISGI

Representatives of the funding agencies (CNRS-INSU, IPEV, CNES and CEA) and of French geomagnetism research laboratories are often invited to participate to Management Committee meetings.

The main advisory body of the BCMT is its Scientific Council, set up in 2009. The BCMT Scientific Council is composed of nine members:

  • Kusumita Arora (NGR, India),
  • Jean-Paul Boy (EOST, Strasbourg, France),
  • Gauthier Hulot (IPGP, Paris, France),
  • Dominique Jault (ISTerre, Grenoble, France),
  • Monika Korte (GFZ, Germany),
  • Alexeï Kuvshinov (ETH Zürich, Switzerland),
  • Jeffrey J. Love (USGS, Golden, Colorado, USA),
  • Susan Macmillan (BGS, Edinburgh, UK),
  • Aurelie Marchaudon (OMP,Toulouse, France).