Scientific use:

Magnetic observations in pre-processed or unprocessed form are freely available for scientific users. Users can contact us for more information on data requests.

Commercial use:

Ground based magnetic observations are used for directional drilling, exploration by geophysical surveys, and other industry applications. BCMT is cooperating with several commercial partners and customers. For commercial data use, please contact Benoit Heumez before any download for detailed information.

This service allows the download of geomagnetic data from 26 observatories belonging to the BCMT network.
For convenience, a direct access to the databank is also proposed, either through a web browser
or a FTP connection to our server 'ftp.bcmt.fr' (use login 'bcmt_public' and password 'bcmt').

Available Observatories              

Date Range   from...          to... 

Data Type v : Raw variation, available within 1 day and in near-realtime (1 hour latency) for most observatories.
p : Provisional (verified and despiked), available for AMS, CZT, DMC, DRV and PAF within 1-2 months.
q : Quasi-definitive, available within 1.5 to 3 months after data collection.
d : Definitive, available within 5 to 9 months after the end of the year.

Data Interval 1-second, not available for: BNG, BOX, PSM, QSB, TAN and VLJ.
Hourly means*
Daily means*
Monthly means*             * only for quasi-definitive and definitive data

Data Format IAGA-2002

Options Include BCMT databank folders (Observatory/DataType/DataInterval/Year) within the data archive